REL – G1 סאב וופר

סאב וופר REL G1

  • סאב וופר מתקדם של חברת REL המתמחה ביצור סאבים
  • סאב ללא בס רפלקס עם ביצועם גבוהים הן למוזיקה והן לקולנוע ביתי
  • אלמנט 12 אינץ
  • הספק 60 W RMS
  • כניסות XLR/RCA

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When we experience bass in real time out in the world, it occurs with height to it. It strikes our sinuses, it kicks at our chest cavities, it rumbles along the floor conveying power authority and majesty. Our Reference Line Arrays permits bass to emerge more naturally, adding a height component in how it propagates throughout the room. The bottom unit reinforces the deepest overtones, creeping and rumbling across the floor to produce room shake. The middle location provides crisp attack and articulation of kick drums or any transient-based event. The unit imparts the flutter and shimmer of all manner of instruments floating in air. Making Reference Line Arrays the Holy Grail of the REL experience and is only available with our Reference products.

Since 90 percent of the energy produced by a system resides in the bass regions, Reference Line Arrays are the magic element missing from so many otherwise state of the art systems. This air, transparency and, of course, effortless power that Reference Line Arrays convey can’t be imagined, it can only be experienced in person.


ype Closed box, front firing woofer
Drive Unit 12 in., 300mm long throw, carbon fiber cone
Lower Frequency Response in Room 15 Hz at -6 dB
Input Connectors High level, Neutrik Speakon, Low Level stereo RCA, LFE RCA
Output Connectors High Level, Low Level RCA, Balanced XLR, Daisy Chain Outputs
Amplifier Type Class AB
Power Output 600 watts (RMS) Ultra High-Current PowerSupply
Mains Input Voltage 220-240 volts, 110-120 volts for certain markets
Phase Switch Yes, 0 or 180 degrees