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Como Audio – פטיפון בלוטוס עם מערכת סטריאו

  • פטיפון אנולוגי / נגן תקליטים כמו פעם!
  • מערכת סטריאו בחיבור בלוטוס
  • מתאים גם לניגון הישר מהטלפון הנייד
  • גימור עץ ברמה גבוהה עם עיצוב מרשים המשדרג את חלל החדר


  • איכות שמע ברמה גבוה יחסית לעלות המוצר
  • מתאים למי שמחפש פתרון להשמעת תקליטים בצורה נוחה ואלגנטית


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The popularity of Bluetooth has exploded. Its convenience and simplicity cannot be denied. Vinyl records have also gained in popularity. The Como Blu Bundle allows you to take full advantage of both. Pair and connect your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled device to Como Blu and listen to your tunes in true two channel stereo, the way music should be enjoyed. Blu’s spoken message will confirm when your device is paired and connected or when you are in Auxiliary mode. Connect Turntable Analog to Como Blu and take your old records off the shelf. Now you have the best of wireless streaming and analog vinyl without the added complication of Wi-Fi.

Como Blu is not just any ordinary Bluetooth speaker. Our two way system uses our sweet sounding fabric dome tweeters and our custom, dual voice coil woofers for sound that has been praised by audio critics the world over. The drivers are powered by our 30 WPC Class D digital stereo amplifier for clear sound even at high volume. Spread the two speakers apart and become absorbed in Como Blu’s huge stereo soundstage. Use the old school front panel aluminum knobs to control power, volume, previous/next track, play/pause, source, and to set the clock.

Speaking of which, Como Blu features a selectable 12/24 hour digital clock that sets the time automatically from a paired iPhone or it can be set manually. Try getting that feature on other Bluetooth speakers. The red backlight adjusts automatically based on ambient light conditions. Como Blu is good for the ears and Como Blu’s red display is good for the yes. According to, “You don’t want a [clock] that gives off bright ‘blue light’ that might stimulate you and make you restless at night. Most electronics—alarm clocks, smart phones, and computer screens—give off sleep-disrupting blue light, so try going for a clock that says it has an amber, orange, or red light. This type of warmer light makes for a more restful sleep.”

But the action is not limited to the front panel. Turn Como Blu around and you will find an Auxiliary input to connect Como Audio’s Turntable Analog, a stereo headphone output, a dedicated bass control, and a right channel output for the included Como Blu Speaker. There is an input for the external universal power supply which includes US, CE, and UK plugs should you ever travel with Como Blu. Blu even has a built-in charger for the optional, custom 2200mA Li-Ion battery pack, for 8 hours of continuous cordless playback. Blu will also alert you whenever the battery gets low.

All of this comes housed in ½” thick MDF cabinets with beautiful, real walnut wood veneer, just like a hi-fi loudspeaker. The face, speaker grilles, and control knobs are made of anodized aluminum. Only the rear panel and display are plastic. Bottom non-slip pads on both speakers help keep Blu in its place.

Last but certainly not least, Como Audio’s Turntable Analog completes this bundle. It’s integrated phono pre-amp allows easy connection to Como Blu’s Auxiliary input via the included high-purity oxygen-free copper audio cable. With no need to align or balance anything and its single 33 1/3 & 45 RPM speed control switch, you will be spinning your cherished vinyl records in no time at all.

Looking for a Turntable that can connect to Blu wirelessly? Check out our Bluetooth Turntable.

The Como Blu Bundle: We doubt you will find anything with this much flexibility, that sounds and looks this good, with a two year warranty and free lifetime technical support in this price range.